Is Your Grease Trap Clogged?

Get rid of built-up gunk with grease trap cleaning services in Temple Hills, Brandywine and the surrounding area

Your grease trap is designed to keep your commercial plumbing system clean and clear. If you manage a restaurant or commercial kitchen in Temple Hills, Brandywine and the surrounding area, you'll want to schedule routine grease trap cleaning services from Innovative Septic. We'll prevent that grease and food waste from entering your wastewater disposal system.

Take care of minor clogs before they become major problems. Get a free estimate on grease trap cleaning services by contacting us today.

We also offer repairs and replacements

Grease trap issues aren't just inconvenient-they can cause serious plumbing problems in your facility.

Rely on the grease trap servicing pros at Innovative Septic to save you money and stress by:

  • Inspecting your sink, grease trap and pipes.
  • Diagnosing even the trickiest clog or malfunction.
  • Repairing the problem or replacing the faulty grease trap.
  • Leaving your grease trap operating at maximum efficiency.
Call 301-298-9148 now to get the grease trap servicing you need in Temple Hills, Brandywine and the surrounding area.

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